Gulf Aviation Academy and Jeppesen Launch New ‘Flight Dispatcher’ Program in Bahrain

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October 22, 2019 , Al Muharraq, Bahrain –
The Bahrain based Gulf Aviation Academy (GAA) and the U.S. based aviation firm, Jeppesen – a Boeing Company, launched their exclusive and highly sought after ‘Flight Dispatcher’ program in Bahrain.

The program has been approved by the Bahrain Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA), and is being held at the GAA headquarters, which is located opposite the Bahrain International Airport.

The first batch of students were welcomed by Mr Paul Kehoe, Chief Executive Officer at Gulf Air Group Holding (GFG).

Jeppesen, along with its history of aviation leadership has a long track record of preparing dispatchers for the written, oral and practical exams necessary to earn an aircraft dispatcher license.

Mr Kehoe said, “The introduction of an internationally recognised and acclaimed program of this manner is great for Bahrain and the aviation industry. The ‘Flight Dispatcher’ program by the GAA and Jeppesen will certainly pave the way for new job opportunities within the ever-growing airline industry.”

Capt. Dhaffer Al Abbasi, Chief Executive Officer at GAA added, “The introduction of this course to Bahrain is a great feat for all those involved. The highly acclaimed international program will surely serve the Bahraini aviation industry, whilst also serving the booming regional market. The GAA Boeing partnership is a proud achievement for the Bahraini aviation sector.

The international collaboration between the Gulf Aviation Academy and Jeppesen plays a crucial role in meeting the current and future market needs for certified aviation dispatchers. Currently, economic indicators are predicting explosive growth in the aviation industry around the world in the next 20 years. This growth is expected to create a high demand for certified aviation dispatchers.

For more information, please contact the Gulf Aviation Academy on info@gaa.aero

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