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Muharraq, Bahrain –
August 25, 2020 – Gulf Aviation Academy (GAA) is pleased to announce its partnership with Spain-based Aerodynamics Academy. In relation to this collaboration, GAA was able to further extend its training presence in Europe, offering students Ab-initio Pilot Training Program in Malaga, Spain.
As the leading training school for pilots and flight attendants in the south of Spain, Aerodynamics Academy is known for the best options available for those who want to embark on a career in Aviation. Aerodynamics Academy owns 17 aircrafts, 76,000 square meters of training facilities and hangers including a large simulators area fully dedicated to the training of pilots, cabin crew and aeronautical maintenance courses.
This collaboration gives GAA the opportunity to have a presence in Spain by providing an Ab-initio Pilot Training with an established flying school. It is expected to send its first batch of students in January 2021. The training program is designed for people who are keen to attain the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). By successfully completing it, students will obtain the globally recognized EASA ATPL frozen license enabling them to apply in most airlines internationally.

“In the spirit of partnership and teamwork, we are delighted to enter into this strategic partnership with Aerodynamics Academy in Malaga, Spain.
I believe that partnering with Aerodynamics Academy will deliver transformation for our clients and achieve common objectives of all the parties concerned in elevating the courses. The outcome of undertaking the Ab-initio Pilot Training Program is the ability for students to acquire EASA ATPL frozen license, giving them the advantage to eligibly apply in most airlines around the globe.
Having an overseas partner in a growing aviation market such as Spain, opens the door for opportunistic development of both the client base and types of programs offered. We are looking forward to partnering with a strong partner such as Aerodynamics Academy and have great expectations for further future alliances in different programs.”

QUOTE BY AMMAR AL RAEES – Business Development Manager, GAA:
“I am thrilled to launch collaboration with Aerodynamics Academy in order to work together on delivering the Pilot Training program in Spain. The agreement brings together two influential aviation academies which provides GAA clients with the ability to acquire a well-recognized EASA ATPL frozen license from the Spanish Authority upon the completion of the course. We look forward to a fruitful and engaging relationship with Aerodynamics Academy.”

Juan Manuel Martin Nuñez
“We are pleased to embark on this new collaboration with GAA, we are committed to delivering the best service to our new students in the same way we’ve been training pilots for over two decades here in Spain. Aerodynamics is constantly striving for excellence and this is a great opportunity to expand our philosophy and values to new frontiers, side by side with GAA for future pilots who wish to attain an EASA frozen ATPL license with the highest possible standards to be recognized not only in Europe but worldwide. We are very excited to welcome our new GAA students”

About Gulf Aviation Academy
Gulf Aviation Academy, positioned as the future commercial aviation training, is based in the Kingdom of Bahrain to serve the requirements of the aviation in the MENA region. The academy offers a comprehensive range of high-quality aviation training solutions to all aviation personnel including pilots, engineers, cabin crew, ATC operators, AVSEC personnel, and more. GAA’s training facilities, located close to Bahrain International Airport, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provides state-of-the-art latest simulator equipment with internationally qualified instructors.

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