Capt.Dhaffer Al Abbasi


Welcome to the GAA website, I’m really excited that you’ve joined us and hope that you’ll be inspired by our Bahrain training academy of aviation excellence and be excited by our plans for the future.

As champions of Middle Eastern and North African airlines, our journey so far has included creating a state of the art training academy located just a few minutes away from Bahrain International Airport that offers no fewer than five technologically advanced simulators, strategic training plans for pilots, aircraft engineers and airline personnel plus bringing together the most exceptional talent in aviation training in the Middle East to create a hub for learning, improvement and professional growth.

With the Bahrain academy off the ground, our plans for 2019 are currently helping our vision reach new highs. By pursuing our goal of expanding our customer base and widening our training services, our portfolio is growing to include logistics, maritime and training services for airport and non-flying aviation personnel, we hope to collaborate with airlines all over the world to amplify our presence in the aviation market.

We also plan to increase the number of our full-flight simulators to join the ranks of their in-operation counterparts currently in service in Amsterdam and Bahrain to facilitate further growth in key markets outside of the Middle East.
As the aviation industry is enjoying a period of strong growth, our investment into our aviation training academy is testament to our commitment to help support this growth, and we will continue to pursue our business strategy to ensure that airlines from all over the world have access to the best quality training, latest innovations and comprehensive development strategies, 365 days a year, seven days a week.

With a plethora of strong partnerships with Airbus, EASA, IATA and AAC already forged and nurtured over time, our goal of becoming a premier academy for the advancement of aviation industry training is already within our grasp.
These future initiatives will underpin our state of the art, quality proposition to the aviation marketplace and enable us to win additional customers in our core markets, so the sky really is the limit for GAA.