Minister of Transportation And Telecommunications

As global air connectivity continues to become more accessible and more efficient throughout the world, the need for professional aviation personnel is booming. Back in 2018, we saw more than 4.4 billion airline passengers taking to the air with record efficiency of 81.9% of available seats being filled on flights, showing that the future of travel is still very much airborne.

With the advent of the premium economy boom that has seen customer expectations shift and the halving of airport transportation costs over the last two decades, training aviation personnel to meet the demands of customers now and into the future is critical to ensuring the success of any airline, and this is something that GAA is fully committed to supporting with our purpose-built, technologically advanced training academy based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Over the past twelve months, scheduled services that connect the Middle East to the rest of the world have increased by 4%, taking the figures up to 224.2 million passengers per annum and representing an overall market share of 5.1%, showing that the Middle East is becoming an epicentre of aviation excellence. The International Air Transport Association has also predicted an extra 290 million air passengers in this region within 20 years, making now the ideal time to put in place plans to make the most of this exceptional opportunity for growth.

Bahrain is renown for its pioneering role in the regional aviation industry, as well as our strong capabilities in human capital. GAA is the ideal facility to leverage these elements, and our vision is to facilitate the industry’s potential for growth by helping to meet the increasing demand for pilots and aviation personnel and to leverage future opportunities for our clients through a centre of aviation training excellence.

Strategically located just minutes away from Bahrain International Airport and with a strong focus and commitment to quality across all aviation training requirements, our Bahrain Aviation Training Academy offers excellence in all areas and seeks to support airlines from all over the globe to remain competitive in a buoyant market.

I hope that you take the time to get better acquainted with our vision for the future of the Middle East and North African aviation excellence and that you will take advantage of our state-of-the-art Aviation Training Academy to further support your business.