GAA draws great strategic advantages from being located in Bahrain, and specifically from being within very close proximity from Bahrain International Airport. It is also located within 15 minutes of the island’s capital Manama’s down town district and other key areas of interest for both business and leisure alike. Many airlines are continuously choosing Bahrain as either an ideal new market to serve or as a layover point to access other markets in the region – and GAA is capitalizing on the many opportunities its strategic geographical location is presenting.

Bahrain has the most mature, cosmopolitan, and dynamic international environment with some of the largest financial institutions in the Gulf having chosen it as a business hub to operate from.

This has been accredited to many of its attractive features and for having lower costs of living compared to other Gulf countries in addition to providing a free, open, and transparent environment for all. This has made Bahrain a globally competitive, value creation story which focuses on sustainability, skills, and good governance.

Despite the speed of its development, Bahrain also retains much of its historic character, as the site of one of the oldest civilizations in the world and thought by some to be the site of the Garden of Eden, the island Gulf state of Bahrain offers a wide range of history and culture and offers a range activities for visitors. Some of these activities includes: horse riding, pearl diving, boat excursions around the island, fine dining and great shopping choices from the many outlets located across the island.

The reputation of the island as a relatively liberal and modern Arabian Gulf state has made it a favourite with business and tourists alike visiting the region and successes in attracting an ever growing number of visitors year on year.

We look forward to seeing you here!

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