Savio Agviar
Very interesting course and learnt a lot of information relating to handling and checking of DG. I am leaving this class with very clear information on how to handle cargo much better in future.
Reshad Haroon
Very informative, great tutor, comforting arrangements and enough duration to grasp everything. Special thanks to Mr. Goel
Omar Rizwan
The course has been very informative with regards to dangerous goods. The course trainer Mr. Goel has taught us in details and made it easy for us to understand the criticality of knowing how to handle DG.
Sarah Almomen
It is a helpful course and I would like if I can have it again to learn more and benefit from it. Our instructor is very good and supportive.
Ali AlShamlawi
I have not enjoyed such a course since high school! Very interesting subject with a very knowledgeable teacher. I’m thankful to have the chance to attend to this course at GAA.
Leonard Vlok
All expectations have been met. Facilitator presented course exceptional.
Experience of GAA was awesome , Thanks to all instructors who taught us properly.
Yaazdan Katrak
A great experience and likely recommending GAA to others
Naman Arora
I’m proud to be a part of this Organisation and I’m glad I got the opportunity to start my career with AirAsia
Varun Sharma
I would like to commend GAA's spirit to stay in touch with us old students even after so long.