We pride ourselves on customer service at GAA and are always pleased when we receive comments from our customers. Some recent selected comments include:

Mr. Farzin Azima Director Airflift International

“Just an additional note we would like to mention that our crew had the highest praise and compliments for the quality of courses and instructors of GAA. In particular they were complimentary about their CRM instructor. On behalf of all our crew and the company I would like to thank GAA staff for their support.”

Mr. Alexis Sacre President Coca-Cola Middle East

“Thank you very much for the team event held at GAA, it was appreciated universally by the team,a truly unique experience, which you made even more memorable with your hospitality and personal touch.”

Captain Salim Al Rashdi Manager Fleet Training A330 Oman Air

“I have been utilizing the GAA facility for many years. It has been a fantastic experience in the GAA centre, GAA staff have been a great support to Oman Air crew, and we are looking forward for more upcoming years.”