IATA Training Programmes

SGHA-SLA & Effective Negotiation Behaviors Workshop

Use the IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement to its fullest as a commercial agreement and services description document.

This course covers the SGHA section by section, giving you the foundations to write the Annex B and Service Level Agreement accurately and effectively. Learn how to enhance cooperation, efficiency and savings in your negotiations through technical training and exercises that replicate today’s global marketplace.


  • Analyze the articles in the main agreement to identify the opportunities and risks
  • Understand the services and descriptions of the Sections in Annex A
  • Derive and write a proper Annex B, reflecting the business and operational requirements
  • Set achievable and meaningful targets in the SLA, enhancing safety and service quality through commonly agreed standards
  • Make the best use of time in negotiations, meeting the target with the minimum possible effort and time investment.
  • Improve cooperation in your negotiations by recognizing your counterpart’s objectives

Target Audience

  • Airline and GSP Buyers, Sellers, and Contract Managers
  • Commercial, Agreement Performance, and Service Quality Managers
  • Legal counsel
  • Station Managers


  • Participate in a series of case studies and exercises that let you put lessons into practice.

Key Topics

  • Standard Ground Handling Agreement
  • History and legal framework of the SGHA
  • Liability, as in Article 8 of the main agreement
  • Article 11 of the Main Agreement
  • Operations safety
  • Duration & Termination Terms
  • Review of Annex A and B
  • Interpretation of all sections and paragraphs
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Principles of the SLA and its link to the SLA
  • Contractual requirements
  • Targets based on operational needs
  • Bonus schemes
  • The SLA and aviation safety
  • Measuring & Monitoring of SLA performance
  • Business-to-Business Negotiations
  • Negotiations: achieving more with less effort
  • Business-to-business Relations
  • Cultural differences and opportunities

An IATA Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course and final examination.This course can be applied toward an IATA Diploma: Ground Operations

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