Facilities and Services

Our programmes are flexible to your needs

GAA’s courses and programmes can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, in partnership with our recognized global affiliates. We are a market-driven aviation training organisation, with a comprehensive and modern aviation training infrastructure. All our courses are conducted with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest in simulator technology, ensuring that we can offer you any training programme and customize our services to meet your needs.
In addition to our access to various training facilities around the world through our global affiliates, the GAA campus houses 4 Full Flight Simulators, Service and Emergency Trainers, a wet drill training pool and over 30 well equipped classrooms. These facilities enable GAA to recreate training in close to real life situations.
Training sessions can also be conducted at any airline’s premises and at other aviation facilities around the world with the relevant equipment and requirements.

Synthetic Training Devices

Each of our Synthetic Training Devices is built in strict adherence to quality and safety standards, in order to cater specifically to your training needs.

Two A320 Full Flight Simulators

The CAE 5000 Series simulator has a functional, aesthetic design and makes use of the latest hardware and software techniques to provide higher reliability, greater flexibility and enhanced training efficiency. The A320 Simulators have state of the art visual systems and an ergonomic instructor working area, complete with a forward manoeuvrable workstation and an optimal view of both the trainee and training area.

A330/A340 Full Flight Simulator

The A330/A340 simulator is well suited for the most customized training needs. Widely recognized for its high fidelity and reliability, this simulator makes extensive use of actual aircraft parts to provide enhanced fidelity. This simulator has recently been upgraded to include a state of the art, LCoS based visual system.

Embraer 170/190 Full Flight Simulator

The CAE7000 Series Embraer 170/190 simulator features the Tropos-6000 visual system and CAE true electric motion system.

Airbus Competence Training (ACT) Classroom

The CAE Simfinity ACT Trainer is a powerful desktop training tool specifically designed for the Airbus Competence Training and Maintenance Programme. It integrates the curriculum developed by Airbus for maintenance personnel and includes the Airbus virtual aircraft, aircraft documentation and computer based training. The ACT trainer is used for theoretical and practical training in a classroom environment, thus reducing training time on the actual aircraft.

Airbus Maintenance Flight Training Device (MFTD) & Pilot Transition (APT) Trainers

The CAE Simfinity MFTD & APT 2D/3D Trainers are at the core of the Airbus Pilot Transition training curriculum, enabling “learning by doing” and ensuring training consistency and more efficient use of Full Flight Simulator time. Both devices can be operated in three different modes to serve different training needs (computer-based training, procedure tutorial and free play). The MFTD and APT use the same basic software load as a Full Flight Simulator and can be configured to represent the A320, A330 and A340 aircraft with multiple engine fits in each case.

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Training (CEET)

Our Emergency Evacuation Training facility provides Pilots and Cabin Crew with the necessary practical training to prepare for and manage emergency situations. Students complete hands-on training in A320, A330 or A340 aircraft mock ups and door or slide trainers. Experienced GAA instructors guide students through evacuation procedures and drills, door and slide training and effective communication via joint CRM training to ensure the best possible outcome of an emergency.

Water Training Facility

GAA also has a state-of-the-art swimming pool for ditching and wet drill training exercises, to prepare Pilots and Cabin Crew for the event of an aircraft landing on water. We also provide life vests and slide rafts, enabling the most thorough Pilot and Cabin Crew emergency training programme.

Fire and Smoke Training

This training module covers both classroom and practical training sessions, with controlled fire fighting and smoke training performed in a mock cabin fire trainer.

Cabin Service Mock-Up

A complete in-flight cabin service mock-up is available for the A320, A330, A340 and B767. Our mock-cabins feature First, Business and Economy class and include on board working galleys, carts and equipment.


Over 39 sophisticated classrooms, equipped with smart boards and high speed internet connection. GAA also has a fully equipped function room for larger workshops and seminars.