Engineering Training Programmes

GAA provides Engineering students with a training experience that is second to none in the region. Trainees will receive professional, practical tuition provided by our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technical experts.

Our newly installed ACT (Airbus Competence Training) Classroom provides a highly stimulating work and study environment, enabling students to practice realistic operational scenarios without leaving the classroom.

Each Engineering Training Programmes is designed to encourage students to achieve their maximum potential, and can be tailored to suit individual training requirements.

  • EASA 147 Basic Engineering –B1 Mechanical
  • EASA 147 Basic Engineering – B2 Avionics
  • EASA 147 Basic Engineering – A1 Technician
  • EASA 147 Type Courses A320/A330/A340– B1 & B2
  • EASA 145 Continuation Training
  • EASA 145 – A320/A330/A340 – A1 Training courses
  • On-Job Training (OJT)
  • Human Factors

Open Enrollment Courses:

Type Rating Course – B2 A320 Family (CFM56 / IAE V2500)

25 Days

4 Dec 2016 – 10 Jan 2017
Type Rating Course – B1 A320 Family (CFM56 / IAE V2500)

38 Days

27 Dec 2016 – 19 Feb 2017
Practical Training Course – B1/B2 A320 Family (CFM56 / IAE V2500)

12 Days

20 Feb – 3 Mar 2017

In addition to the above, GAA also offers both the initial and the recurrent training courses listed below upon your request.

Initial Fuel Tank Safety (Phase 1 and 2) 2 Days
Recurrent Fuel Tank Safety (Phase 1 and 2) 1 Day
Initial Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) 4 Days
Recurrent Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) 1 Day
Initial Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance 2 Days
Recurrent Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance 1 Days
Maintenance Resource Management Training 1 Days

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Training Application Form

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