IATA Training Programmes

Emergency Planning & Response Management

Design and execute an emergency plan with insight into ICAO, the National Transportation Safety Board and State regulations.


  • Participants should have a basic understanding of airline operations concepts prior to taking this course.


  • Gain insight into the planning, development and execution of an emergency plan, and the parties and processes involved
  • Appreciate the roles and responsibilities of the emergency planning specialist
  • Improve your understanding of ICAO, the National
  • Transportation Safety Board and State regulations
  • Identify and outline potential issues in an emergency response situation

Who will benefit

  • Emergency planning managers/ inspectors
  • Station managers
  • Quality managers
  • Security managers
  • Operations managers
  • Emergency and family assistance
  • managers/coordinators


  • This course gives you practical experience using interactive exercises and case studies.

Key Topics

  • Responsibilities of the Airline
  • The Emergency Response Organization
  • Emergency Centers
  • Alarm and Mobilization
  • Airline Response Plan Development
  • Accident Investigation / Preservation of Evidence -Flight Data and Voice Recorder
  • Stations Emergency Procedures
  • Humanitarian Response
  • Cultural Differences
  • Public Relations Procedures
  • Technical Support
  • Passenger Information Center
  • Special Assistance Team Center
  • Passenger Property Handling
  • Security Procedures
  • Insurance, Legal, Financial Procedures
  • Response Plan Implementation

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An IATA Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course and final examination.This course can be applied toward an IATA Diploma: Diploma in Safety Management for Airlines

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