IATA Training Programmes

Airline Security Operations

This course takes a close look at industry regulations and best practices to help security managers understand, analyze and prevent threats.

Recommended level

  • Professional & Management


  • None


  • Understand the international aviation security legal framework
  • Establish and maintain airline security operations in compliance with international regulations
  • Learn best practices to apply in your security planning

Target Audience

  • Airline Security Managers and Supervisors
  • Airport Security Managers and Supervisors
  • Law Enforcement Officers in airport security
  • Civil Aviation Authority Representatives


This is a practical course. Classroom activities include

  • Security planning exercise – threat analysis and risk assessment
  • Implementation plan exercise

Key Topics

  • Background and Regulations
    • Aviation security background and current trends
    • Legislative aspects of aviation security
    • Security Management Systems (SeMS)
  • Security Concepts
    • Introduction to risk management
    • Threat analysis
    • Quality control
    • Crisis management
  • Security Operations
    • Aircraft security
    • Airport security
    • Contingency planning
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